Website Performance Optimisation is part of SEO strategy, faster websites gain in search ranks and in number of visitors

Website Performance Optimisation

Fast websites drive traffic, improves the user experience (UX), reduces the server costs and increases your revenue.

If your pages take more than five seconds to load you should consider having them optimised. If your page take more than ten seconds to load, it’s time to panic!

I have create the list of top 5 best practices for making web pages fast. I have also offer a free basic report for you website via from on this page.

Successful performance optimisation

In 2010 I worked on optimising a large website with heavy traffic - (currently under HealthGrades). The web pages contained many objects, advertisements and beacons. Before optimisation , average page load time was over 14 seconds. After optimisation, this was reduced to just 3 seconds with the same functions, advertisements, and beacons. I achieved this by manually optimising JavaScript, images and style sheets (CSS). We also setup new rules on the server for caching static files such as JavaScripts, CSS and images.

If you are interested in Website Performance Optimisation (WPO) please send me an enquiry with your website URL.

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